The CarrierConnect system is a sophisticated and cost-effective system to efficiently manage all of your route needs. You can use it to interact with your dedicated agent, view network activity, buy and sell routes, manage your financials and more.

Buy Routes

Easily manage your Premium A-Z and Clearinghouse rates.

Click “Buy Routes” to begin buying high-quality, low-cost termination points verified by our system managers. Your quality and account balance can then be monitored in real-time using our online CDR system. For payment information, see “Pricing and Payment”.

Sell Routes

Sell your route instantly and fill your capacities.

Click “Sell Routes” to add your routes and rates. All rates entered are matched with our code database and analyzed against our LCR (least cost routing) table immediately. Your account manager will then authorize testing and routing.

Request Routes

Easily request the rates you want.

Don’t see the clearinghouse route or premium rates you’re looking for? Click “Request Routes” to expose your needs to our sales team and our growing member base. Requests will be screened for market viability and viable routes will be broadcast weekly to our members.

Tech Center

Manage your gateways with ease.

Use the tech center to interface with our support team. Manage your IP information online and manage you tickets. Test is done directly with one of our experienced support technicians.

Payment Center

A central way to pay, get paid and manage your payments.

Here you can manage all your financial activity: create online invoices, submit payments for immediate credit, view your transaction history, manage your wiring account and request a refund on your online purchase if needed.